MBS with emergency slip type casing hanger


  • Improved Safety – Less time working under the BOP stack.
  • Significant time savings – No need to break the BOP stack.
  • Accepts standard wellhead completion equipment.
  • Available in most casing program sizes.
  • Emergency slip hangers available in the event the casing becomes stuck.
  • Casing Hanger running tool can be tested on the rig floor, prior to landing the casing.
  • Cementing is done through the casing hanger running tool as soon as the string is landed in the bowl.
  • Casing Hanger is fluted to allow returns around the outside of the hanger.
  • MBS assembly can be installed under the rig floor, or lowered through the rotary.
  • Back-pressure valve profiles available in all mandrel hangers.
  • Upper housing can be removed and a conventional wellhead installed in its place.
  • Provides a sealing point over the intermediate casing.
  • Allows for pressure testing of the wellhead seals to isolate the casing strings.
  • Allows for support and testing of a BOP system while drilling out both casing strings.
  • Provides a casing hanger load shoulder and bowl for hanging and sealing two casing strings.
  • Both load shoulders and bowls accommodate BOP test plugs.
  • Provides two outlets on both the upper and lower spools for annular access and monitoring.
  • Provides a means for Wear Bushing installation and retention in both sections.
  • C-29 bowls available for extreme casing loads.
  • Accepts C-21 Casing Hangers for low weight situations.
Bottom Connections:

  • Slip-on Weld (SOW) with internal o-ring (outside weld)
  • Slip-on Weld (SOW) no o-ring (outside and inside weld)
  • Threaded female casing thread
  • Threaded male casing thread
  • Slip-Lock (weld-less) Locks to casing with slips energized via bolts


  • Threaded 2” LP (LPO)
  • Threaded EUE 8rd
  • Side studded outlets (SSO) with internal VR prep
  • Extended flanged outlets (EFO) with internal VR prep

Lock-down Pins:?

  • Full set of pins to secure mandrel casing hangers
  • Pins also engage the wear bushing to prevent rotation
  • ET style pins eliminate exposed lock-down pin threads

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