Internal Latch Wellhead System, BOP Quick-Connect, & Rotating Casing Hanger

After years of extensive research and development, UWS is proud to introduce our Internal Latch Wellhead System. This system includes three key features and was designed for fast and efficient installation to save valuable rig time, while keeping personell safety a top priority and maximizing the benefits of pad drilling.

This wellhead system features an internal latch, meaning there are no lock-down pins penetrating the wellbore. This system is a one-piece wellhead that connects to the surface casing and accepts hangers for both intermediate and production casing strings. Hangers and pack-offs are secured internally via a latch mechanism that is activated from the rig floor. This greatly increases safety while lowering the cost. Slip hangers are available should either casing string become stuck.

BOP Quick-Connect (Patent Pending). This BOP Quick-Connect attaches to the BOP stack and remains there during each new consecutive well. It uses a steel API ring gasket and the typical make-up time to the wellhead is under 15 minutes. This system is also patent-pending as it has the ability to replace the ring groove should it become damaged, without removing it from the BOP.

Rotating Casing Hanger & Running Tool The production casing can be rotated to the right while running the last joint of the casing. The hanger is a fluted mandrel style that allows returns to be taken during cementing.

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