Actuated Safety Valves

Universal’s actuated safety valves feature a slab gate profile, bi-directional sealing technology and are available with manual over-rides. Our rugged safety valves are available with flanged or threaded ends in standard bore sizes from 1-13/16” through 7-1/16” in working pressures from 2,000 psi through 15,000 psi. Our actuated valves are available in Fail Safe Open or Fail Safe Closed and in most API trims. Safety valves are available in both new API monogrammed and remanufactured – both come with a one year warranty.

Full-Bore Thru Conduit Design

  • Maximizes valve service life
  • Eliminates the collection of destructive particles

Wide Varity of Actuator Types and Sizes

  • Pneumatic Diaphram style
  • Pneumatic Piston style
  • Hydraulic Single Acting
  • Hydraulic Double Acting
Manual Over-rides

  • Manual over-rides are available for all actuator types and sizes
  • Lock-open caps available for all valves

Floating Slab Gate and Seats

  • Produces a positive pressure energized seal
  • Body pressure equalizes across the seat ring / body bushing eliminating body erosion in the seat pockets

Metal to Metal Seals

  • Body to bonnet interface, gate to seat interface and seat to body interface are metal to metal sealing areas

In-Line Repairability

  • Seat rings, body bushings, gate, stem are easily replaced in the field
  • Stem packing can be replaced under pressure with our back-seat capability
  • Piston o-rings and diaphragms are also easily replaced in the field

Long Life, Low maintenance

  • Simple routine maintenance programs limit repairs, ease operation, protect from corrosion and extend service life

Material Class

  • Available in API trims EE, FF, and HH
  • Internal coating (such as Xylan) available upon request

Temperature Rating

  • Available in all API temp ratings

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