The First and Only Wellhead Telecommunications Service on the Market

Eliminate field labor costs with virtual access to our wellhead experts at your fingertips. We offer solutions to your wellhead needs – from gate valve or choke problems, to any other standard wellhead maintenance issues – we equip your employees with the tools they need to fix issues themselves and save you the cost of an on-site visit and downtime.

With TeleWellhead, we also offer the following services for you and your employees:

Wellhead AFE planning

We help you design the optimal wellhead program for your wells. We will discuss various wellhead options and offer pros and cons for each. We will help you write a wellhead RFQ that can be submitted to your wellhead vendors. We will also help you spec accurate descriptions and trim levels to ensure the RFQ meets the needs of your project.

Trouble shooting

Our experts can offer expert advice on repairs for most wellheads and gate valves in the field today. We have experience with most wellhead manufacturers, including many that are now obsolete. We can often design and build obsolete items that can prevent you from having to replace entire wellhead systems. This service can be started over the phone with pictures and/or a video of the problem area. Field trips may be required to further assist with our recommendations. We will help you fix the problem and keep costs down.

Recommended maintenance

We can help you design wellhead and gate valve maintenance programs specifically suited to your wells. We look at each field differently and evaluate all the issues, discussing each of them with you. For field lubrication programs, we can help you spec the proper grease to use as well as optimal greasing intervals.

Let’s Get Started

Our services are available for the reasonable fee of $200/4 hours of expertise. If we perform the work we are helping with, the fee is waived or credited. We would like to work with you and your team to help increase efficiency, decrease  problems, and extend the life of your wells. Contact your local UWS representative to learn more.