ProductCatalog2 In order to stay competitive in today’s market, UWS purchases many of its wellhead and valve components from third party providers.  Many of these providers also manufacture the same products for most of our competitors.  All of our providers have been known to us personally for many years, some for as long as forty years.  Each provider we use manufactures all our products to our specific material specifications and machine drawings.  We have personally inspected most of their facilities and have reviewed their QA/QC programs.  All wellhead components and valves are manufactured to current API-6A specs.  We supply the FC and FLS model gate valves for all high pressure applications and for our frac valve use.  The FLS valve is the current leader in the valve industry and allows for low operating torque, low pressure sealing, bi-directional installation, metal-to-metal back seating and ease of repair.  We offer the Type “M” wedge gate valve profile for lower pressure applications.  All frac valves sent to the field will have certs and test charts.  Our wellhead is the C-22 profile, the most widely used in the industry.  UWS has the capability of manufacturing most components in-house for specialty items or emergency basis, but prefers to purchase from outside sources to provide the best value for our client.  We have been able to get excellent deliveries due to our many years of personal relationships we have developed with our providers.  Currently, lead time on most sourced components and valves is 90 days from date of order.

Ancillary products, such as secondary seals, casing hangers, tubing hangers, etc. are purchased from local manufacturers.  These products are made to our explicit specifications and drawings. We exceed minimum Elastomers specifications and use HNBR – 80 to 90 durometer material.