Company Strengths


• Superior Customer Service

Our qualified technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for installation, repair, maintenance of all types of production wellheads, production trees, and valves. UWS provides the resources, employs motivated and knowledgeable personnel to satisfy the customer’s needs in a timely manner.


• Convenience

Offer clients a wide range of products/services in a flexible and timely manner. In house machine capability allows UWS to quickly manufacture and efficiently remanufacture customer owned components


• Low Cost Country Manufacturing, & Testing Capabilities

UWS has a long-term relationship with a manufacturing research and development team in the US and China. This relationship allows us access to engineering, testing and a manufacturing floor in China that gives us the ability to pass on cost savings to our customers.


• Location

Excellent and easily accessible locations that offer proximity to drilling activity, flexibility for our clients needs while providing a positive, attractive and inviting atmosphere.


• Dependability and Reliability

Provide a continued research/development program to design and manufacture state-of-the art products. Provide solutions to each and every customer’s unique requirements. Stand behind our products and services throughout the entire business cycle. Improve products and services by analyzing our customer needs. We offer a one year warranty on all new and remanufactured equipment as well as on all full repairs performed in our facilities.


• Safety

We are a current, active member in ISNetworld and have a thorough, detailed safety training program. All UWS employees are enrolled in ongoing training programs. JSA’s are used on every job site.


• Environmental

Provide a clean, upscale work environment conducive to maintaining an innovative atmosphere.